Once upon a time, there lived a girl called Ruby. She lived with her family of eight in Africa, somewhere in a village in Ghana.

Ruby was from a very extremely poor background. Their home was a mud house with no furniture. Ruby did not have a bed, so she and her siblings slept on a mat on the floor. She had no nice clothes to wear, all her clothes were tattered.

Ruby’s family was so poor that they could not send their children to school. So whilst other children went to school, Ruby and her siblings would go to the farm with their parents.

Most times they had no food to eat. They could go for days without a decent meal. One day, a man came by Ruby’s home. He had lost his way. Ruby’s father helped him find the way. The man in return gave his packed lunch and groceries to the poor family.

Ruby’s father thanked the Good Samaritan for his kindness. The Good Samaritan was happy that he had saved a family from starving to death. He gave the father money to buy food for the family, said goodbye, and left.

As he journeyed back home, the Good Samaritan couldn’t get Ruby out of his mind. He couldn’t imagine how the family was living in such extremely poor conditions. How can Ruby, such a beautiful and intelligent girl not attend school? The Good Samaritan couldn’t sleep, he told his wife about it. His wife

suggested that they should pray about it.

God gave the Good Samaritan an idea to adopt Ruby. The Good Samaritan, though extremely rich, didn’t have a child. The next day, early in the morning the Good Samaritan and his wife went to see Ruby and her family. They told them of their intention.

The poor family was extremely happy that the Good Samaritan has decided to adopt Ruby, where she can be given the opportunity to go to school. Ruby bid farewell to his family and off she went with the Good Samaritan and his wife.

Ruby was happy with her new family and home. Never in her life had she gotten so much food to eat, clothes to wear, and toys to play with. She couldn’t believe she had a whole room to herself.

Ruby was sent to the best school in the neighbourhood. She excelled in all her academic work and had the distinction at the secondary school. She got admission and a scholarship to go to medical school.

Author: Ohemaa Nyamensa Addo-Boateng.